How to Plant Potato Sprouts

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Growing potatoes is possibly the easiest thing you’ll do in your garden all year! It’s so super easy, and I’m going to show you how! It all starts with learning how to plant potato sprouts. 


Let’s face it…Who doesn’t love potatoes? Baked potatoes smothered in sour cream & chives. Hash browns. Mashed potatoes. Homemade french fries. Need I say more? And they’re a great staple to keep in your pantry at all times! 


You know when you forget that you have a bag of potatoes in the cabinet and they grow those spiky eyes? Yeah, that used to totally gross me out when I was a kid. But now I’ve learned that that’s actually the beginning of a new plant…leading to more potatoes…leading to more deliciousness!


All you need to know is included in this handy-dandy 2-minute video I’ve made for you readers! Enjoy, happy gardening, and let me know if you have any questions.

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