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Wood Burning/Pyrography Tool & Kit

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  • THE MOST OPTIMAL CHOSEN SET: Total is 54 pieces, which includes 30w handle with adjustable temperature switch, 1 hot knife, 15 wood burning and embossing nozzles, 10 soldering and wood burning nozzles, 2 plastic stencils, 1x 2mm pencil, 1 pencil core set, 5 tracing copy papers, 10 plastic pattern stencils, 1 metal letter stencil, 1 safety stand, 1 cleaning sponge, 20 cm steel ruler, 1 tweezers, 1 soldering wire, 1 kit bag, 1 user manual
  • SAFETY USE: When switching out the tip to insert the new one use tweezers since certain pens will get hot very fast and while you are waiting for hot tips to cool down, you can place them in heat-safe metal stand, as the tip can heat up to 482-842°F (250-450°C)
  • START WITH SAMPLES: While the free hand method does allow you the most creative freedom, carbon paper and pattern templates will give you better accuracy, which is much more important for newcomers
  • HUGE RANGE OF NOZZLES: While it might seem like picking up a hot soldering iron and putting it to a piece of wood, a real, quality woodburning pen tips will give you much greater detail and precision


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