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Garden Leaf Rake

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  • 81% 5-star reviews on Amazon
  • This rake is 63” long and the width of the tines is adjustable from 7” to 22”
  • Zinc-plated to prevent rust
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for raking leaves from your yard and from under plants
  • 63 Inches Long. Similar rakes on Amazon are only 48 inches long. The adjustable head expands From 7 Inches to 22 Inches
  • 15 Flat Tine Expandable Head. Adjust the rake width to a tiny 7 inchs for tight areas. This rake is designed to go in smaller areas that are difficult for conventional rakes. Expands to a full 22 inches.
  • 3/4 Inch Zinc Plated Steel Handle that is zinc coated to prevent rust.
  • Very light weight and easy to use, the rake is an ideal leaf rake. Note that it is not designed to be a heavy duty rake for rocks and heavy materials.


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