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Apothecary Jars

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Set of 3 beautiful crystal-clear apothecary jars. Durable construction with firm bases and removable lids. Versatile for use in bathroom, kitchen or any room. Store cotton swabs or cotton balls and display on bathroom vanity. Use as canisters in the kitchen to store cookies, candy, dried beans, small pastas, sugar, rice, etc. Displays beautifully on a kitchen countertop. Use as decorative pieces to store glass beads, small seashells or any small colorful items.

  • Durable acrylic apothecary jar set combines beauty with organization
  • Multi-size jars are functional in every space
  • 60-ounce, 30-ounce, and 15-ounce sizes are just right for vanity, bath, and home decor
  • Not just for the bathroom, also perfect in the kitchen
  • Looks like glass but won’t shatter
  • Beauty Storage Jars: A beautiful way to store beauty supplies! Makeup sponges, brushes, and nail polish look stylish on any vanity in this set of apothecary jars.

  • Kitchen and Home Decor Jar Set: Candy and dry goods look decorative in the kitchen when stored in this apothecary jar set. Add festive treats to celebrate any holiday.

  • Vanity and Bathroom Apothecary Jars: No worrying about glass shattering in the bathroom with these durable apothecary jars. Keep cotton balls, q-tips, and makeup blender sponges handy on the counter.


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